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Spooktober reviews – Suspiria (2018)


I cannot even begin to fathom what the fuck I just watched. Maybe it was because I took an all-nighter and the drowsiness was starting to take effect on my conscious mind. It’s not a simple task to comprehend all the uncanny, otherworldly imagery you’ve glimpsed on the big screen when your eyelids start to flicker and your vision blurs. Continue reading “Spooktober reviews – Suspiria (2018)”

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South Park Season 22, Episode 1 review: A Laugh Riot!

south park 1

Woah, South Park is still relevant?! I honestly share this same sentiment with Family Guy and Simpsons, comedies that have lost their charm and have now degraded into nothing but blatant, mindless, corporate cash grabs. Continue reading “South Park Season 22, Episode 1 review: A Laugh Riot!”


Recommendation night: Serial Experiments Lain


So I’ve realized I’ve been rambling a lot about some modern anime titles, that I thought it would be nice to talk about an older show that I recently just watched. Airing in 1998, Serial Experiments Lain is regarded by many anime connoisseurs as one of the all time classics. Its considered to be up there with the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, and Akira as far as cyberpunk themed titles go. And to an extent, I can highly concur to that.   Continue reading “Recommendation night: Serial Experiments Lain”

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Sorry to Bother You review – who knew telemarketing could be so insane

sorry to bother you

Sometimes, I wonder what movies were even made for. Were they made solely as a representation of reality, or for people’s pleasure, or a combination of both? Anyways, I was kind of wondering what kind of coke director Boots Riley was snorting when he crafted this “masterpiece” of his. I mean for petes sake, the fella was in charge of making music before tackling this feature length extravaganza.

Continue reading “Sorry to Bother You review – who knew telemarketing could be so insane”