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Tokyo Ghoul Root A review – Let’s be honest, it blows

What is it with Japanese creators coming up with these weird titles. “Root A”? There’s practically nothing in the series that even warrants such a title. Why not call it “Tokyo Ghoul 2” instead? Continue reading “Tokyo Ghoul Root A review – Let’s be honest, it blows”

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10 anime people seem to love, that I dislike

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Well, it’s time to completely sabotage my reputation. I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now, but y’know, nerves and all. There’s always this fleeting feeling that someone might label me a hypocrite, a filthy plebeian, or worse yet, a hater. Yeah, sorry fellas, but I just couldn’t get into these anime. However, don’t get your knickers in a bunch. These are just opinions after all. And opinions, much like body mass, are different for every individual. I mean imagine a world where everybody had to conform to the same viewpoints. It’d be extremely dull and would defeat the whole idea of having an opinion, wouldn’t it? If you like these shows, good, more power to you. I just particularly couldn’t understand the sheer level of hype behind them. Continue reading “10 anime people seem to love, that I dislike”

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My first impressions of the key visual for the Vinland Saga anime.


Vinland Saga is hella dope! It’s quite possibly my penultimate go-to manga at this very moment, and I’d be hard pressed to discover anything to replace its greatness. A tale of war, revenge, and Vikings mad with fury and bloodlust, what’s not to love about it? Like seriously, you could get even the pickiest manga reader hooked onto this masterpiece. To sum it up, Vinland Saga is basically what happens when you take Vikings, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, and mesh it together into a comic book extravaganza.   Continue reading “My first impressions of the key visual for the Vinland Saga anime.”