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Spooktober reviews – Suspiria (2018)


I cannot even begin to fathom what the fuck I just watched. Maybe it was because I took an all-nighter and the drowsiness was starting to take effect on my conscious mind. It’s not a simple task to comprehend all the uncanny, otherworldly imagery you’ve glimpsed on the big screen when your eyelids start to flicker and your vision blurs. Continue reading “Spooktober reviews – Suspiria (2018)”

Film reviews

Mission Impossible Fallout review – Fake outs upon fake outs!


“YOU CAN’T FIGHT THE FRICTION!!!” These were the memorable lines of one of the songs used for the teaser trailer. For many film goers, this signifies an improvement over the previous films in the franchise, and in many ways, it does actually deliver on that promise. To them it was a direct reminder of things to come. Continue reading “Mission Impossible Fallout review – Fake outs upon fake outs!”