Greetings weary traveler. Come on down and take a seat. Don’t be shy. And please for the love of all that is holy, don’t tell me you visited the Cloud District.

I see you’ve entered my domain. If you’re a fan of animation, film-making and video games like I am, you’ve stumbled across the right place. There will be a ton of reviews and critiques at your very disposal, whether you’re looking for recommendations or for some clear and concise analysis. Some of the media I review will be excellent, others will be so god awful you’ll be pulling your hair out at the end of it. But you needn’t worry about the latter, after all I’m always willing to not recommend something that’s obviously bad to any of my readers.

So refill your canteen and grab your reading goggles for an extraordinary ride. Well not that extraordinary but hey, I’ve got to hook people in after all.