10 Asian films you should check out!

Yu Ji-tae

I’ll admit it, I’m turning into a bit of cinephile. Ever since starting uni, I’ve been immensely intrigued by the inner workings, performances and presentations of movies. The film industry is wracked with a massive history spanning multiple decades, and to witness it blossom to fruition is a sight that needs to be endured. Continue reading “10 Asian films you should check out!”

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My first impressions of the key visual for the Vinland Saga anime.


Vinland Saga is hella dope! It’s quite possibly my penultimate go-to manga at this very moment, and I’d be hard pressed to discover anything to replace its greatness. A tale of war, revenge, and Vikings mad with fury and bloodlust, what’s not to love about it? Like seriously, you could get even the pickiest manga reader hooked onto this masterpiece. To sum it up, Vinland Saga is basically what happens when you take Vikings, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, and mesh it together into a comic book extravaganza.   Continue reading “My first impressions of the key visual for the Vinland Saga anime.”

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The Meg review – we all live in a yellow submarine!

the meg

The ocean is a wondrous place, is it not? But alongside that, comes a fleeting feeling of fear. The fear of the unknown is a common sentiment people have regarding the big blue sea; in fact, it’s been noted somewhere that over 80% of the world’s oceans have been left unexplored. Various features that trigger our hydrophobia tend to include: nasty looking fishes, whales, rapey dolphins, the notion of being trapped in a cavern for hours on end, Cthulu, and of course, sharks. And its kind of obvious why we’d be wary of these pointy finned, sharp toothed beasts, considering how tenacious they become when their prey is in their sights. If you’ve found yourself surrounding by these fellas and you’re not a professional swimmer of some sorts, then you’ve signed your death warrant. There’s a reason why Jaws is such an iconic movie to this day; it serves as a reminder for how dangerous the open waters are. Continue reading “The Meg review – we all live in a yellow submarine!”

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Christopher Robin review – This ain’t Winnie the Pooh anymore


We’ve sinned, and this has been the result. I swear, this is truly the antichrist, and he has come to kickstart judgement day. We haven’t repented enough! We’re screwed! Oh, tis a dark time we live in. But alas, it is to be expected. Honestly, it’s so dark that my wrists have appeared to have slit itself. Anyways, before I pass out from extreme blood loss (seriously its flowing from my arm like a waterfall), I must preach to you all about a sinister force within our wake. Continue reading “Christopher Robin review – This ain’t Winnie the Pooh anymore”

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Mission Impossible Fallout review – Fake outs upon fake outs!


“YOU CAN’T FIGHT THE FRICTION!!!” These were the memorable lines of one of the songs used for the teaser trailer. For many film goers, this signifies an improvement over the previous films in the franchise, and in many ways, it does actually deliver on that promise. To them it was a direct reminder of things to come. Continue reading “Mission Impossible Fallout review – Fake outs upon fake outs!”


Recommendation night: Serial Experiments Lain


So I’ve realized I’ve been rambling a lot about some modern anime titles, that I thought it would be nice to talk about an older show that I recently just watched. Airing in 1998, Serial Experiments Lain is regarded by many anime connoisseurs as one of the all time classics. Its considered to be up there with the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, and Akira as far as cyberpunk themed titles go. And to an extent, I can highly concur to that.   Continue reading “Recommendation night: Serial Experiments Lain”